Why do I need this service?

If you are opening a new restaurant, investing in a new office block, or looking to fit your current commercial kitchen with a new full extraction system, IKCS is at your service. Extraction systems are designed to reduce the heat in the kitchen, extract smoke caused by cooking and rid a building or fumes and other air-borne chemicals, and it is essential for ensuring that your industrial kitchen is up to standard.

What type of extractors do you install?

We install the following systems, all covered by a 10-year warranty*:

  • Cyclo Vent
  • Cyclo Maise
  • UV Capture Jet
  • Cyclo Wash
  • Capture Jet Canopy
  • Island Style Canopy
  • Box Canopy

What makes IKCS the expert in extraction system installation?

  • Our CEO and founder, Paul Lucas – who is equipped with over 10 years’ industry experience – personally handles every new extraction system installation.
  • We cover our installation and hardware with a 10-year warranty* as a quality assurance and guarantee that we are completely confident in the extraction system we’ve installed.
  • We implement a Service Level Agreement with every new installation to ensure that your extraction system is properly maintained and well looked after for years to come.
  • Our installation turnaround time and quality of workmanship make us a force to be reckoned with – a leader in the extraction system installation industry.
  • We offer a FREE 24-hour breakdown service with every new installation. Should you require spares or repairs, we will get the job done with minimal business downtime.
  • We adhere to the strict recommendations and guidelines as set out in the South African National Standards S.A.N.S 1850/2014 Edition 2.

Do you service extraction systems?

Yes, we do. Be sure to check out extraction system servicing


*Our 10-year warranty is subject to the IKCS SLA. For the warranty to remain in effect, any violation of the T&C’s stipulated in the SLA will immediately void the cover. Terms and conditions apply.